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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a used car warranty?

A used car warranty (also known as Mechanical Breakdown Insurance) helps cover the cost of repairs and replacement parts on a vehicle, due to mechanical or electrical failure. Essentially, a car warranty helps make sure that if something goes wrong with your car you won’t be hit by an expensive repair bill.

What’s the difference between a manufacturer warranty, an extended warranty and a used car warranty?

All car warranties should cover the costs of parts and labour if something goes wrong with your vehicle. The difference between them is at what time in your cars lifespan they are in effect.

Manufacturer warranty – You receive a manufacturer’s warranty when you buy a new car directly from a manufacturer. Most of the cars parts should be covered and if there’s a problem it can be fixed at your local dealership. This type of car warranty typically lasts for 3 years.

Extended Warranty – An extended car warranty is usually available to buy when your manufacturer warranty expires.

Used Car Warranty – You can buy a used car warranty at any time after the manufacturer’s warranty on your car has expired. Unlike a manufacturer warranty or extended warranty, these policies are usually offered by a third party warranty company. If you’re buying a car second hand from a dealer, they may also offer you a used car warranty in with the price of the car.

Why should I buy car warranty from Allianz Global Assistance?

For over 20 years, Allianz Global Assistance have been partnering with major car manufacturers to provide extended car warranty for their customers. We currently underwrite extended car warranty for 10 leading UK car manufacturers, and it’s this experience and expertise that we want to give to all drivers.

We offer flexible payment plans, a choice of excess payments (£0, £100, £250) and 3 cover levels, so that you can select the type of warranty to suit you, your vehicle and your wallet. Plus, if you find yourself in a situation where you do need to make a warranty claim, the payment process will be handled between us and the garage, so you don’t end up out of pocket.

Which manufacturers do you provide Extended Car Warranty for?

We provide extended warranty on behalf of a selection of leading car manufacturers. You can find some of them listed here with the links for the extended warranty official websites.

If an Extended Car Warranty is underwritten by our company you will notice our name in the footer of the warranty website and in the policy document. For example ‘This Extended Warranty is underwritten by AWP P&C SA and sold and administered in the UK by AWP Assistance UK Ltd.

What level of warranty cover can I choose?

Depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle we offer the following cover levels:

Comprehensive – covers all factory-fitted electrical and mechanical parts, including in car technology, parking sensors, air bags and fuel injectors. The maximum claim limit is up to the vehicle market value.

Standard – covers most of the parts that make up the workings of your car including the clutch, ABS system and suspension. The claim limit is also up to the market value of the vehicle.

Essential - covers the most essential parts of your car including the engine, gearbox, turbocharger and four-wheel drive system. Claims are limited up to £5,000 (including VAT).

Will you cover my vehicle?

As an extended warranty provider for some of the UK’s leading car manufacturers, we do not offer our own Allianz Global Assistance car warranty directly to those partners’ customers. So there are certain makes and models that we do not provide cover for.

There are also specific types of vehicle we don’t cover such as hybrid vehicles, kit cars, taxis etc. You can see our full list of excluded vehicles here.

Will I be covered in the UK and Europe?

Yes - our vehicle warranty is valid for up to 60 days driving in Continental Europe.

When does my cover start and end?

If you have an existing car warranty you can select for your new cover to begin the day after your existing warranty expires.

If you do not have an existing car warranty your cover will begin 30 days after you have purchased the policy.

If you buy annual cover, your warranty will expire 12 months after its start date.

If you pay monthly, your cover is continuous and your warranty will only expire when you decide to cancel it.

How can I renew my car warranty?

We will email you before your warranty expires to let you know it's time to renew. Your email will include a PIN and login details, and you'll need to let us know your current mileage to get a personalised quote. You can renew an existing Allianz Global Assistance Car Warranty online, or by calling 0345 600 2205.

Can I cancel my car warranty?

We allow a 14 day cooling off period from the day you purchase your warranty. In that time if you feel our Car Warranty isn’t for you and you haven’t already made a claim, you can cancel your cover by calling 0345 600 2205 and selecting option 2.

How much does a car warranty from Allianz Global Assistance cost?

The price of our Car Warranty varies depending on a number of factors, so you’ll always receive a quote that’s unique to your vehicle.

Our prices are based on the type of cover you select, the amount of excess you would like to pay in the event of a claim, as well as the make, model, age and mileage of your car.

What methods of payment do you accept?

It’s your choice whether you pay a one-off annual fee for your warranty, or spread the cost with monthly pay-as-you-go Direct Debit payments. Whatever your preference, you can buy cover online using a Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card.

How do I know that buying my policy online is secure?

Allianz Global Assistance uses a secure payment gateway that makes the credit card transaction directly and securely with the bank. We do not see, record or store these card details in any form, simply get approval or decline from the banking institution. Once authorised, your cover will be in effect immediately. Confirmation of your purchase, your policy document and other associated documentation will be sent to you by email.

Will I be given a cheaper quote if I call your customer service team?

Getting a car warranty quote with us online will give you the best possible price.

Our customer service team can give you information on the policy and cover levels, or process your payment over the phone, but they won’t be able to offer a cheaper deal.

Can I transfer my warranty?

Yes. If you sell the car you have a warranty on, you can transfer the ownership for a £35 admin fee.

A transfer of ownership form is provided at the back of your warranty handbook.

What do I need to do if I think there’s a problem with a covered part on my vehicle?

If there’s a problem with your vehicle that you think might be covered by your warranty, you should stop driving your car as soon as possible.

Please check the claims process here.

Which garage can I use?

To find out the nearest and most appropriate garage to use, give our claims team a call on 0345 600 2095 and an advisor will be able to point you in the right direction.

Do I have to pay an excess?

It will depend on the excess you selected to pay when you took out your warranty. We offer 3 excess levels - £0, £100 or £250. You’ll find the amount you selected on the confirmation of cover we emailed to you.

If you need to make a claim, you can pay your excess directly to the garage completing the repair work.

What is the maximum claim limit?

We offer 3 levels of car warranty cover. Comprehensive and Standard cover levels offer a claims limit up to the vehicle market value, and Essential (our basic cover) provides up to £5, 000 towards claims costs. Your confirmation of cover email will detail which cover level you selected when you purchased your warranty.