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Terms of Service


In these terms and conditions, the following words have the following meanings:

Accident: damage to a vehicle caused by impact or collision of any nature.

Web App: the web application/program supplied by us to assist you in the purchase of products and services we provide.

Breakdown: mechanical or electrical fault which has caused the vehicle to be immobilised or become unsafe to drive (whether in transit or otherwise). Breakdown can also include a flat tyre, flat or faulty battery, a vehicle which has run out of fuel or keys which have been locked in the Vehicle.

Location: the site where Your Vehicle is located at the time you request a Service and where the Service Provider will attend Your Vehicle to provide the Service.

Restricted access area: an area that is protected by security and/or other systems designed to prevent access by unauthorised people and includes areas that we do not have permission to enter (including but not limited to airports, sporting venues, protests and concerts).

Roadside assistance: the roadside vehicle assistance available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Service Provider: a mobile mechanic, recovery truck operator or other Roadside Assistance provider nominated by us.

Serviceable Spare: a wheel and tyre that is ready and able to be fitted to mobilise Your vehicle after changing a flat tyre.

We or us or our: refers to Allianz Global Assistance, our employees, agents, contractors, and related companies.

Website: this refers to the Breakdown Assistance on Demand website and contains all the information about the products and services we offer and can be found on the internet at

You or your: The user of the Apps or Website who requires or may require roadside

Services Available and Charges

  • Assistance Only £95.00

Allianz Breakdown Assistance On Demand offers reliable and secure roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the Services listed below. On receiving a request from You, a Service Provider will be dispatched to assist in the following ways:

Flat Battery

If you have a flat battery We will arrange for one of the following:

  • (i) jump start Your Vehicle; or
  • (ii) provide a replacement battery; or
  • (iii) tow Your Vehicle to the nearest garage

The Service Provider will always try to jump start the Vehicle or provide a replacement battery, but in the unlikely event that neither option is possible Your Vehicle will be towed to the nearest repairer.

Fees: the cost of this service includes 30 minutes assistance at the roadside

Additional costs: Replacement Battery, Towing fees and any other additional services, if required.

Out of Fuel

If Your Vehicle runs out of fuel, we will attend the Vehicle Location and provide You with £5.00 worth of fuel.

Please ensure, that when asked, You are clear about the type of fuel Your Vehicle requires.

Service Providers do not carry LPG for refuel purposes. If You drive a LPG fuelled Vehicle and require the service, You should select the Vehicle Recovery service.

The cost of this Out of Fuel Service includes the cost of fuel and 30 minutes assistance at the roadside.

Flat Tyre

If You find Yourself with a flat tyre, we will change it with the Vehicle’s Serviceable Spare. Should additional services be required beyond this due to more than one flat tyre, the spare tyre being unserviceable, replacement wheel studs/nuts not being available or locking wheel nut key not being available, these will be at Your cost.

Locked keys

If You lock Your keys in Your Vehicle, we will provide all reasonable assistance to gain access to Your Vehicle.

In order for this assistance to be provided You must be able to demonstrate proof of ownership and to have signed Our disclaimer, releasing Us and the Service Provider from any responsibility for any damage that may be caused to Your Vehicle. All additional costs are Your responsibility.

The cost of this service includes 30 minutes assistance at the roadside.

  • Wrong Fuel (£250.00)

If You have mistakenly put the wrong fuel into Your Vehicle, providing the Vehicle is a type that is repairable, one of our Service Providers will drain and flush the fuel system and replace the fuel with 10 litres of the correct fuel providing it is safe to do so at the Vehicle’s Location. If it is not safe then Your Vehicle will be recovered to a safe location first, which will carry an extra charge. If you decide on speaking with the Service Provider to arrange Recovery Only instead, you will be charged The fees for Recovery Only.

If additional services are required, these will be payable direct to the Service Provider at the time.

  • Recovery Only (£110.00)

If You have mistakenly put the wrong fuel into Your Vehicle, providing the Vehicle is a type that is repairable, one of our Service Providers will drain and flush the fuel system and replace the fuel with 10 litres of the correct fuel providing it is safe to do so at the Vehicle’s Location. If it is not safe then Your Vehicle will be recovered to a safe location first, which will carry an extra charge. If you decide on speaking with the Service Provider to arrange Recovery Only instead, you will be charged The fees for Recovery Only.

Should the Vehicle need specialist equipment including, but not limited to, dolly wheels, go-jacks, freewheeling hubs or require additional labour to recover it, extra fees will need to be paid directly to the service provider in accordance with the list of Charges below.

The cost of this service includes 30 minutes assistance at the roadside.

Additional mileage may be charged at a cost of £1.80 per mile


The App is free to download and there are no subscription charges. You will be responsible, however, for any and all charges incurred with your mobile phone provider and/or internet provider as a result of using the App and the charges that apply to each of the Services offered via the App, details of which you will find above

The charges for the Services are provided above. These charges will be confirmed again and are payable at the time of your request. Charges for any further services or additional charges are payable by you to the Service Provider.

All charges are in Pounds Sterling (including VAT@20%).

Our charges and availability of services may be changed at any time without notice.

Additional Charges

There may be additional charges that are incurred when using Breakdown Assistance on Demand services and which will be an additional cost payable by You directly to the Service Provider.

Important Information and Your Obligations

Please stay with Your Vehicle

Once You have requested a service, it is important that You remain with Your Vehicle if it is safe to do so. Should Our mechanic arrive at the Location and the Vehicle is unattended (or no longer at the scene), we will be unable to carry out any work and payment may be required for this and any subsequent requests to assist. If You require assistance and have to leave Your Vehicle for safety reasons, please contact the appointed Service

Payment Terms:

Standard charges for the Services will be payable at the time you request assistance through the App or the Website

All additional charges, such as mileage or the cost of parts, are payable by you, direct to the Service Provider at the Location and at the time the assistance is provided.


  1. You may cancel Your Roadside Assistance request within 10 minutes of our notification to You that a Service Provider is on their way, at no cost to You.
  2. If more than 10 minutes have elapsed after the Service Provider has been dispatched and prior to their arrival, we reserve the right to charge You a Cancellation Fee of £50 Inc VAT.
  3. You will be charged the FULL amount of the quoted service price where the Service Provider
    • arrives at the Location and You cancel for any reason at that time;
    • You are not at the Location;
    • the Service Provider determines that You have inaccurately stated the condition of Your Vehicle or the problem with the Vehicle where the cost of service may be higher than initially quoted and You cancel Your Roadside Assistance request

General Conditions:

Services provided by us are subject to:

  • a. resources being reasonably available in the vicinity of the Breakdown Location;
  • b. Your Vehicle being in a Location that can be reached by the Service Provider, without the need for specialist equipment or a specific vehicle type;
  • c. restrictions due to a road traffic accident or general traffic congestion; or
  • d. Restricted Access Area requirements.

Our Services will not be provided in the following circumstances:

  1. the Vehicle being unregistered;
  2. the Vehicle being unattended;
  3. the Vehicle being off-road or involved in motor racing; track days; rallies; off-road and other associated or similar events;
  4. the Vehicle not having a current MOT, Road Tax or Insurance;
  5. any attempted or successful theft or break-in of the Vehicle;
  6. failure by You to comply with instructions reasonably provided by us or the Service Providers;
  7. failure by You to comply with any applicable road laws or regulations;
  8. recovery of Vehicles including trailers or caravans
  9. assistance for heavy haulage vehicles or vehicles that, in our opinion, require a heavy haulage towing provider due to the weight (gross vehicle weight exceeding 3500Kg), length, width or height of Your Vehicle.

The App and Website

Data Protection

All personal information provided by you through the App is stored and processed by Allianz Global Assistance pursuant to the Data Protection Act 1988 and in accordance with our privacy policy.


This App is offered to you for your personal use and it should not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever or for any illegal or unauthorised purpose. You may not copy, modify, adapt, reverse engineer, attempt to extract the source code, publish, sell or transfer the rights or any part of the App, or our trademarks in any way


The App is currently available on HTML, designed for use on mobile phones devices and we cannot guarantee its functionality on tablets and other devices. Certain functions of the App will require an active internet connection. The connection can be made using Wi-Fi services or provided by your mobile phone network provider, but we cannot take responsibility for the App not working at full functionality if you do not have access to Wi-Fi and/or you do not have any of your data allowance left.

We may stop providing the App and may terminate use of it at any time without giving notice of termination. Unless we tell you otherwise, upon any termination the rights and licences granted to you in these Terms of Use will end and you must stop using the App and, if needed, delete it from your device.


The App and all the trade marks, copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights related to it, belong to Allianz Global Assistance or its group companies or third party partners of Allianz Global Assistance.


To ensure that the App continues to operate effectively, we reserve the right to change, interrupt or restrict the use of the App for technical updates and other maintenance or operational services.

We may, from time to time update the App requiring a new version to be downloaded and you agree to accept updates to the App when offered to you.

These terms and conditions govern any updates provided by us that replace and/or supplement the original Apps or Website, unless such update is accompanied by separate terms, in which case those terms will govern the update.

Terms of Use

You must not use the App or Website in any manner or for any purpose that is unlawful, or breaches any rights of Allianz Global Assistance or that is prohibited by these terms and conditions. In particular it is a condition of your use of and/or access to the App or Website that You agree that You will not:

  1. introduce or attempt to introduce any virus or any other contaminant to the App or any of Our computer systems;
  2. in any way attempt to access, alter, de-compile, reverse engineer, destroy or otherwise tamper with any part of the App or any of Our computer systems;
  3. make any unauthorised use of any materials or intellectual property found on the App or Website;
  4. copy or provide to any other party any materials, content or data found on the App or Website other than as set out in these terms and conditions;
  5. interfere with the use of another person’s access to or use of the App;
  6. obtain access to information relating to another person which is on Our computer system;
  7. use or attempt to use the App or any of Our computer systems for any unlawful or immoral purpose;
  8. use the App or Website in any way that breaches any applicable local, national or international law or regulation;
  9. use the App or Website in any way that is unlawful or fraudulent, or has any unlawful or fraudulent purpose or effect;

We may suspend or terminate Your access and use (in whole or in part) of the App at any time with or without notice


Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes or limits either party’s liability for death or personal injury arising from that party’s negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by English law

To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all conditions, warranties, representations or other terms which may apply to our App or any content on it, whether express or implied

You agree not to use the App for any commercial or business purposes, and We have no liability to You for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity

We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a virus, distributed denial-of-service attack, or other technologically harmful material that may infect Your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to Your use of the App or to Your downloading of any content on it, or on any website linked to it

We assume no responsibility for the content of websites linked on our site. Such links should not be interpreted as endorsement by us of those linked websites. We will not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from Your use of them. Any links provided are for convenience only and we have not verified and do not sponsor, endorse or approve the operators of, or any materials on (including information, products or services), those sites

All rights in and to the App and Website, and all content in the App and Website, including copyright in the software and data comprising the App and Website, and our trademarks, are owned by or licensed to us (‘Our Materials’). As between You and us, we own all rights in and to Our Materials and the App and Website. You must not remove, alter or conceal any copyright, trade mark or other proprietary rights notice incorporated in or accompanying Our Material and You must not reproduce, modify, adapt, perform, display or otherwise exploit Our Materials. We may terminate or suspend Your access to the App and/or Website at any time without notice to You.


Breakdown Assistance on Demand is provided by Allianz Global Assistance* (‘, ‘we’/’us’). Whenever You request Roadside Assistance through the Web App or Website, You will be making that request to Allianz Global Assistance, and the service will be provided in accordance with these terms and conditions.

*Breakdown Assistance on Demand is provided by Allianz Global Assistance which is a trading name of AWP Assistance UK Ltd, Registered in England No 1710361. Registered Office PO Box 74005, 60 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3P 3DS.

If any part of these Terms of Use are found to be unfair or unenforceable under English law, that part shall be treated as deleted from the Terms of Use and the remaining terms shall continue to govern the relationship between Allianz Global Assistance and you.

These Terms & Conditions are governed by English law and any dispute arising out of these Terms & Conditions shall be decided by the courts of England and Wales.

If You have any questions or complaints about the Apps, please contact us on 0208 239 4005 or