Alianz Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Breakdown Assistance on Demand?

Breakdown Assistance on Demand is a pay on demand roadside assistance service offered by Allianz Global Assistance and available to anyone who needs help with their vehicle on the roadside or at home. As this service is on demand it means that there are no membership or sign up fees and can be accessed as and when help is needed, with simple up front fixed prices.

So how does it work?

You can access to Breakdown Assistance on Demand via our Web App. We ask a few registration questions, then we can help you straight away. 

Does Breakdown Assistance on Demand provide a reliable service?

The Breakdown Assistance on Demand technology is well established and has been helping stranded motorists across the USA for a number of years and more recently trialed in the UK. We’ve adapted it a little to make it even quicker and easier to use, and have tested it to ensure that it’s super reliable. It also has a number of tracking features for your phone meaning you’ll always be fully up to speed with what is happening.

Can I phone Breakdown Assistance on Demand for help?

Breakdown Assistance on Demand has been designed to get help out as quickly as possible. Our Web App and website is the quickest way of requesting assistance, with just a few key questions to answer (such as type of problem), before we’re on our way. So they’ll no more exhausting phone calls or being placed in a queue when you’ve broken down.

There is 24/7 Breakdown Assistance on Demand telephone support available should you wish to speak with one of the team, but we hope you won’t need to.

How do I know if help is coming?

Our mission is to reassure you and get help to you as soon as possible. Once you have provided your details on the Web App or website, you will be sent a confirmation of assistance.

Not only that you will also be able to track your assistance in real time, so you’ll know exactly whose coming to help you and when.

Our Web App also has a nifty “FamilyView”, which means you can add others to your Breakdown Assistance on Demand account so your friends and loved ones can track your progress.

Am I paying a premium for not having a breakdown membership?

No. It’s just a different way of buying breakdown assistance. Traditionally people have purchased annual memberships for reassurance and peace of mind. However with many cars becoming more reliable, breakdowns are becoming less frequent. This means many customers are paying for memberships each year and not actually needing the services they have bought. With Breakdown Assistance on Demand you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Over time you could be quids in.

Does that mean I need to know exactly what is wrong with my car?

No, not at all. We’ll just need to know a few basic things about the problem with your vehicle, so we can get the right type of help to you. We have a simple menu of options to choose from covering the most common types of assistances required, such as a flat battery or tyre. If it's not listed, choose the one most appropriate and if we need any more details your recovery agent will give you a call.

What services does Breakdown Assistance on Demand offer?

Breakdown Assistance on Demand provides instant breakdown assistance for the majority of motoring problems. It has 3 different options:

Assistance Only (£95.00)

Designed to get you and your car back up and running, whether you’re on the road or at home. Covering the more common breakdown such as flat batteries and tyres and locked in keys, this product offers 30 mins of expert assistance wherever you are.

Recovery Only (£110.00)

Designed for the slightly bigger problems where roadside assistance may not be enough. We’ll come out to you and recover you and your car to where you want to go -whether you need to get home, taken to your favourite garage or on to one of our recommended repairers. Recovery Only provides up to ten miles of towing from the point of assistance. Extra charges may apply where the recovery mileage exceeds ten miles and are negotiable with the attending recovery provider.

Wrong Fuel (£250.00)

Designed for the frustrating moment when you realise you’ve filled up with the wrong fuel. Accidents happen, but be it a drop or a full tank, wrong fuel needs to be drained and fast. Our Wrong Fuel service provides on the spot drainage, flushing of the tank and pipes, and we’ll even throw in some more fuel (ten litres of the right stuff!) to get you back on your way.

Is my car eligible?

Breakdown Assistance on Demand can help most types of cars on the road, whatever their age, fuel type or usage. However, we are currently unable to provide assistance for large commercial vehicles (3.5 tonnes and over) or for cars towing caravans or trailers.

Great, when and where is Breakdown Assistance on Demand available?

Following a successful pilot, Breakdown Assistance on Demand is now available nationwide. However there are a few areas where we are unable to provide our service. Please check on the ‘where we are’ section for more information.

Whether you are in need of help or not, you can always log on to the Breakdown Assistance on Demand Web App, and based on your location, we will be able to tell you instantly if you are in an area Breakdown Assistance on Demand covers. Alternatively, the website will always provide the latest information.

Who provides the Breakdown Assistance on Demand service?

Breakdown Assistance on Demand is part of Allianz Global Assistance. Allianz Global Assistance is a specialised brand of Allianz Partners, a company with 35 plus years expertise in providing premium manufacturer branded roadside assistance schemes. We have our own team of dedicated mechanics spread across the UK, as well as established relationships with our usual trusted assistance providers, ensuring should you call Breakdown Assistance on Demand, and we are ready and waiting to provide a great service.

How do I pay for the service?

Most importantly, you only ever pay for the service when you use it.

When you access to Web App, you will be able to add your credit card details, which will be stored securely for future use. This eliminates the need to add payment information if you ever need to request help - just to speed things up a little more.

Alternatively, you can request assistance via the website and enter your payment details at the time of request. Payment will then be taken four hours after Breakdown Assistance on Demand have completed the assistance.

Should you choose to, you can also add family or friends to your account, so if they ever need to call on Breakdown Assistance on Demand the payment is already covered.

What if I’m not happy with the service I’ve received?

Happy and satisfied customers are very important to us, so we do everything we can to ensure you get great service each and every time. However, if you are unhappy with any aspect of our assistance or you would like to make a complaint, please get in touch by phone or email, and we will be happy to help resolve any issues.

What if the ETA is too long?

We aim to get help to our customers as quickly as we can. However there will be times when our ETA’s are longer than we would like, such as in severely adverse weather conditions or heavy traffic. In spite of that, our trusted networks of providers do everything they can to be there as quickly as possible.

We understand that it’s the ‘not knowing’ that can be most frustrating, so our service includes a tracker that shows you exactly where help is, and how long it will take to get to you.

If the ETA provided when you request assistance seems like too long to wait, you can cancel within ten minutes free of charge. After this time additional fees will apply.

How can I cancel assistance?

Situations can change and you can tap cancel on the Web App should the assistance no longer be required, but please let us know as soon as possible to avoid any cancellation charges.

If you have requested assistance and have been notified that someone is on their way, you may cancel your request within ten minutes and there will be no charge. If however you choose to cancel assistance after this time, we will charge you £50 Inc VAT as the Breakdown Assistance on Demand team will be well on their way. If we arrive on scene and you and your vehicle are no longer there, we call that gone on arrival and will charge you the full cost of the service.