Alianz Assistance

Car Warranty Claims

If there’s a problem with your vehicle that you think might be covered by your warranty, you should stop driving your car as soon as possible.

Volkswagen owners should follow this claims process:

Step 1 - Contact your nearest Volkswagen authorised retailer or repairer and let them know that your car is protected by this warranty.

Step 2 - Your retailer will contact us to discuss the claim on your behalf. We will liaise with them to determine if the claim is covered under your policy and how much we will pay for repairs.

For all other makes, please follow this claims process:

Step 1 - Give our claims team a call on 0345 600 2095 and have your registration number and policy number to hand (you can find both on the confirmation of cover email we sent to you). We will ask for details of the problem, where appropriate issue you with a provisional claim reference number, and help direct you to the nearest and most appropriate repairer.

Step 2 - From here we handle the rest of the claims process on your behalf. You just need to show the repairer a copy of your warranty cover handbook and ask them to call us on 0345 600 2095, preferably after their initial diagnosis has been carried out. As long as we approve your repair, we will pay for any reasonable diagnostic work. 

Step 3 - We will liaise with the repairer and confirm if the problem is covered by your policy. If it is, we will issue them with an authority number for the repairs we agree with them and the agreed amount we will pay for these repairs. This authority number will remain valid for 6 weeks. If you have not had the authorised repairs completed within this time, our repair authority will be withdrawn. 

Step 4 - We pay the repairer directly for the authorised claim costs. So apart from the excess amount you selected to pay in the event of a claim (either £0, £100 or £250), you won’t need to pay up front for repair costs and have to try and claim back later.