Alianz Assistance

What's covered?

What we’ve learnt from 20 years’ experience as a car warranty provider, is drivers need a service they can rely on from a warranty that’s competitively priced.

So that’s exactly what we aim to offer. You have a choice of 3 cover levels to suit your budget, and our highest level of cover - Comprehensive - protects a wide range of your cars components from the engine to the sat nav.

All our cover levels provide the same simple claims process and if you ever need to call us to discuss a claim you’ll always be dealing with car warranty experts.


Depending on which level of cover you select - Comprehensive, Standard or Essential, a range of different parts on your car will be covered. You can see a selection of what parts each cover level protects on our car warranty comparison page.


We have a network of garages you can rely on if you need a covered part fixing or replacing. For Comprehensive and Standard warranty cover, we will pay up to Vehicle Market Value (including VAT) for the cost of parts and repairs. If you select our Essential cover, we will pay up to £5,000 towards parts and repairs.

Driving in Europe

No need to worry on road trips further afield – we’ll keep you covered for up to 60 days when you’re driving in Europe.

Excluded vehicle types

- Left hand drive vehicles, Emergency or military vehicles, vehicles used for hire, taxis, courier or delivery vehicles, vehicles used for driving instruction, vehicles used for any competitive event or track days, Hybrid vehicles, stretched  limousines, kit cars, LPGs, hydrogen cell or full electrical vehicles.

- Vehicles modified in any way from the original manufacturer’s specification (unless done so for mobility purposes).

- Vehicles that have not been fully serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

- Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

- Vehicles that have been written off by an insurance company (categories A, B, S and N).

- Vehicles that have been privately imported from outside the European Union, and are not a UK specification vehicle.

- Vehicles that are owned by a business formed for the purpose of selling or servicing motor vehicles.

Parts excluded on all cover levels

Unfortunately, like all car warranty companies, we can’t cover absolutely everything. So our exclusions include parts like cosmetics or components that should be regularly replaced. These parts are excluded from all cover levels and are listed below.

- Locks, handles and hinges (unless electrical failure).

- Upholstery, interior and exterior trims.

- Wheels.

- Fixings and fastenings: nuts /bolts /brackets /studs /clips and springs (other than suspension springs).

- Casings (except when damaged by the failure of an insured component).

- Sundry items such as oils, filters and antifreeze (except where required as a direct result of a valid claim provided the vehicle is not within 1,000 miles of its next scheduled service) .

- General oil leaks (except where the removal of the engine or gearbox is necessary in order to rectify the oil leak).

- Electrical or mechanical failure as a result of overheating, smoke damage, fire or ignition or any kind of scorching.

Excluded service replacement items

- Air cleaners

- Fuel filters

- Oil filters and gaskets

- Pollen/odour filters

- Spark plugs

Excluded parts that are subject to routine maintenance or replacement

- All adjustments, timing or cleaning

- Auxiliary belts

- Batteries, chargers and charging leads

- Bonnet, boot and fuel flap release cables

- Brake discs, drums and frictional material

- Bulbs and fuses

- Clutch pressure plates, bearings and frictional material

- Diesel glow plugs

- Diesel particulate filters (DPF)

- Drive shaft and steering rack gaiters

- Engine mountings, gearbox mountings, axle and drive line mountings

- Exhaust systems (although catalytic converters are covered for internal failure only)

- Handbrake cables

- Coolant pipes and all hoses

- Re-programming/software updates, unless required as part of a replacement part repair

- Seals or gaskets that are not specifically mentioned as being covered

- Sunroof cables, convertible roof material and straps

- Tyres

- Wiper blades, arms and washer jets

- Wiring and connections (including HT leads and aerial coaxial cables)