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Standard Car Warranty

We all like to be prepared for a rainy day and making sure your car has a warranty can help ease the stress and financial burden if something does go wrong. Our Standard car warranty covers faults and failures for the majority of parts on your car, and while not as comprehensive as our highest level of cover, it costs you less.

With a Standard car warranty you can make as many claims as you need to, up to the market value of your car. Plus, whenever you have to claim for replacement parts and associated labour costs, we aim to make the whole process as easy for you as possible, by handling the claims directly with your repairer.

All our car warranties also cover you if you’re driving in Europe, so you have peace of mind that help is at hand whenever you need us.

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What’s covered?

Standard car warranty protects you against costly repair bills for a wide range of car parts including:

  • The Essentials – engine, gearbox and driveline components

  • Efficiency – timing belts, turbocharger and sundries

  • Safety – braking system and steering system

  • Additions – clutch and suspension

Claim limit – You can make a claim against any of these items and more up to the market value of your vehicle.

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What's not covered?

As the midrange option, Standard warranty doesn’t cover all factory-fitted parts like Comprehensive cover does, so you won’t be covered for parts such as:

  • Essential + - fuel injectors, starter motor, ignition coils

  • Safety + - airbags and alarms

  • Tech – parking sensors, in-car entertainment systems, on-board Computer, sat nav

As with all warranties general exclusions also apply, so please check our list of exclusions and warranty handbook for more information on what’s not covered.

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